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Sunday, June 5, 2022

What if you forget your phone password? There are two ways to open the phone.

 What if you forget your phone password?  There are two ways to open the phone.  

 What if you forget your phone password?  There are two ways to open the phone. 

Some people keep a password to keep their phones private. So no one else can unlock this phone. Any details on your phone are kept confidential because of the password. However, some people forget thepassword. However, this is rare because we use the phone frequently and often enter passwords.

 If you forgot your password, try this method

 However, if for some reason you forgot your password, there are two ways to unlock it. There are several steps that can be followed if your mobile phone is connected to Gmail. Your phone will unlock and your data will also be saved.

Trick 1: Android Device Manager
  • First go to Android Device Manager. 
  • Sign in with your email ID as you would with Google Play on your phone. 
  • Then you will have three options.
  • From which you have to click on the lock option
  •  Now a new window will appear with four black squares. In the first two boxes, you have to enter the new password twice and leave the other two boxes and click on lock.
  • You can now unlock a new phone with a new password.

Trick 2: Factory reset
  • Another option is to perform a factory reset. By clicking on this option, you can trade even if you forgot your password.
  • First turn off Android Mobile
  •  Then enter the phone recovery mode from where the phone will restart.
  • Recovery mode is used to update the phone.
  • In this mode, recovery, boot and volume up are done by pressing three one-key mode buttons.
  • After that comes the option to click on Wipe Data or Factory Reset
  • Your phone will remain in the same condition as the new phone.


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