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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Driving License Gujarat – Driving License Online & Offline Apply in Gujarat

Driving License Gujarat – Driving License Online & Offline Apply in Gujarat

Driving Licence Gujarat – Driving Licence Online & Offline Apply in Gujarat

Driving License Gujarat (DL) in Gujarat is a pretty easy job, provided you are well aware of the procedure that you need to go through. The driving license is a mandatory document is to be carried by anyone using a motor vehicle on public roads of Gujarat. In this post, we give you a guide on how to obtain a driving license in Gujarat, other than also telling you how to get an international driving permit and the process of renewing the driving license in Gujarat.

 Types of Driving License Gujarat

As is the case in every other state of India, in Gujarat, you need to apply for a category of driving license as per the type of vehicle you intend to use. Following are the three categories to choose from-

  • Driving license for two-wheeler without gear: If you wish to ride a motorcycle or a scooter that doesn’t have a manual operation of gear, you need to apply for this kind of DL.
  • Driving license for light motor vehicles: This is the category of driving license you should apply for if plan to ride a two-wheeler with gears or a light motor vehicle such as cars, SUVs or MPVs.
  • Driving license issued for transport vehicles: In case you wish to drive heavy motor vehicles that transport goods or passengers, you need to get this kind of DL

Gujarat (GJ) Driving License (DL) – Eligibility Criteria

To apply for a driving license, one needs to meet the following criteria-

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have a learner’s license
  • Must submit an application for obtaining a permanent driving license only after 30 days or within 180 days of obtaining a learner’s license.
  • Must know of all the traffic rules
  • Must be a minimum of 20 years old if applying for a commercial driving license.

Documents Required for Driving License in Gujarat

For applying for a DL in Gujarat, one is required to submit a self-attested copy of the below documents to the RTO

Any one of the following Age proofs-

  • Birth Certificate
  • Educational certificate
  • Passport    
  • Certificate issued from the employer if you are working for state/ central government or a local body.

Any one of the following Address proofs

  • Ration card
  • Voter’s ID
  • LIC policy bond
  • Passport
  • Employers certificate issued by local/central or state government

Other documents:

  • Application form 4
  • Application form 5 in case of applying for a commercial driving license
  • Original learner’s license
  • Three passport size photographs

 How to Apply for Driving License Offline in Gujarat?

To apply for a permanent driving license offline in Gujarat, you have to follow the below steps-

    Step 1: Visit the nearest RTO and obtain an application form
    Step 2: The above application form can be also downloaded from the official website and the printed copy needs to be submitted at the RTO.
    Step 3: Fill the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Father’s Name
  • Residential Address
  • Educational Qualification
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Blood Group
  • Identification Mark

    Step 4: Submit address proof, age proof and passport-size photos.
    Step 5: You will get an appointment for the first round of the test where your knowledge of traffic rules will be tested.
    Step 6: After passing the test, a learner’s license will be issued. One is required to apply for a permanent driving license after a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 180 days.

How to Apply for Driving License Online in Gujarat?

In order to obtain a permanent driving license online in Gujarat, the following steps need to be followed-

    Step1: Go to and download the application form and print it
    Step 2: Submit the filled form at the RTO nearest to your residence
    Step 3: Submit all the above-mentioned documents
    Step 4: You will get a slot for the driving test
    Step 5: On passing the test, you will obtain your license in 2 to 3 weeks 

Steps to Check Driving License Application Status Online:

Steps to check driving license status online through State Transport Department website:

One can check the status of his or her driving license application online through any of the following two methods. First is to find out the status on the State Transport’s official website. Else, one can find out the status of his or her driving license application on the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway. The same can be done through the following steps-

    Step 1: Visit the official website of the Transport Department of Gujarat
    Step 2: Click on ‘DL and LL registration’ option.
    Step 3: A new page will load, in which, click on ‘Know your application status’.
    Step 4: Enter your application number
    Step 5: Click on the ‘Submit’ button and you will be shown the status of your application.

Steps to check driving license status online through the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways official website:

    Step 1: Visit
    Step 2: Click on ‘Driving license-related services’.
    Step 3: Select the state you reside in.
    Step 4: On the new page that loads, click on ‘Verify status’ option
    Step 5: Enter your application number and date of birth.
    Step 6: Fill in the correct captcha code.
    Step 7: You will be shown the status of your driving license.

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How to Renew Driving License in Gujarat?

It may be noted here that the driving license for a Non-Transport Vehicle is valid for 20 years or until the holder attains the age of 50 years, whichever is earlier. After that, the License is renewed every 5 years. Transport Vehicle License is valid for a period of 3 years from the date of issue or renewal.

Documents required for renewal of driving license in GJ

  • Filled application form 9
  • A copy of the expired driver’s license.
  • Medical certificate and Form 1 A if the driver’s age is more than 40 years
  • 2 passport size photographs.
  • Self-attested copies of age proof and address proof.
  • Application fee of Rs.200/- and receipt.

 Driving Test Procedure in Gujarat:

In Gujarat, a Motor Vehicle Inspector overlooks the driving tests conducted for providing a permanent driving license. Regardless of whether you have applied for a DL online or offline, you are needed to visit the RTO to give a test. One is required to have his own vehicle that should be of the same category as the one for which one needs to obtain a driving license. In case one doesn’t have the required vehicle, he or she can bring along a motor vehicle from the driving school

Test for Two-Wheeler & Three-Wheeler

The applicant for a DL for two-wheeler or three-wheeler has to ride his or her vehicle within a given border and make ‘Eight’ figure without touching the poles embedded at the corners. The inspector will even analyse how comfortably the applicant can change gears, control vehicle in corners or reversing, and during the making of ‘figure of eight’ without the feet touching the ground. In case the applicant is successful in satisfying the inspector, he is given an approval for a road test where he or she should ride properly for some distance on a public road.

Test for Four Wheeler

Driving test for four-wheeler is mostly similar in nature to that of two or three-wheeler. However, in this case, the applicant is required to drive along the marked ‘H’ without touching the columns. Once the applicant has satisfied the inspected with his driving skills, he or she is required to drive properly for some distance on a public road. In case a candidate fails in either of the tests, a re-test is conducted within 7 days and a nominal fee is charged. 

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Friday, June 10, 2022

How to Request for Aadhaar PVC Card

  How to Request for Aadhaar PVC Card

 How to Request for Aadhaar PVC Card

 UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) has recently launched PVC based Aadhar card. This card is easy to carry and durable. You will have a digitally signed secure QR code containing photos and demographic details equipped with multiple security features. UIDAI says that even if your mobile number is not registered with Aadhar card, you can apply for this card.

 To solve this problem, the government has launched PVC Aadhar cards. PVC stands for Polyvinyl Card, which is about the size of an ATM card. PVC Aadhar Card can be easily carried in your wallet due to its small size. Also, citizens can use these portable size Aadhar cards by registering on the official portal residentpvc.uidai.

Features of PVC Aadhar Card

  1. It is more durable, comfortable to wear.
  2. It has good print quality and comes with lamination.
  3. It has the latest security features including holograms, guilloche patterns, ghost images and microtexts.
  4. The card is completely weather resistant.
  5. The relief includes the Aadhar logo.

What are the charges to apply for PVC Aadhar Card?  

One has to pay a nominal fee of Rs.50 (including GST and express mail charges) while applying for PVC Aadhar card

How to Apply for PVC Aadhar Card Resident at

  1. First of all go to or 
  2. Click on 'Apply for Aadhar Card' service. [direct link]
  3. Enter your 10-digit Aadhaar Number (UID) or 16-digit Virtual Identification Number (VID) or 28-digit Enrollment ID.
  4. Please note the security code.
  5. Please select Registered Number option to receive OTP. If mobile number is not registered, fill alternate number if available.
  6. Click on 'Send OTP'.
  7. After approval check 'Terms and Conditions'. (Note: Click on hyperlink and view details)
  8. Click on 'Submit' after completing the 'OTP' verification process.
  9. After clicking on 'Make Payment' you will be taken to the payment gateway, where you will get the option of Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking and UPI.
  10. The payment receipt will be successful, it will have a digital signature. You will receive the service request number by SMS. You can use this number to follow the process till the card is delivered.

Important Notes to Apply for PVC Aadhar Card

  • Apply for Aadhar Card by paying Rs.50/- (inclusive of GST and Speed ​​Post fee).
  • Use your Aadhar Number/Virtual ID Number/EID to apply for Aadhar Card.
  • Aadhar card comes with security features i.e. digitally signed secure QR code, hologram, ghost image, guilloche pattern, etc.

FAQ of PVC Aadhar Card

What are the different forms of Aadhaar and what are their characteristics?

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has introduced various forms of Aadhaar from time to time for the convenience of the residents:

Aadhaar letter: Paper laminated letter with secure QR code with date of issue and date of printing. In case of fresh registration or mandatory biometric update, Aadhaar letter is sent to the resident free of cost by regular mail. In case the Aadhaar letter is lost or destroyed, the resident can order a reprint online at a cost of Rs. 50/- from the official website of UIDAI. The reprinted Aadhaar letter is delivered to the resident by fast mail.

eAadhaar: eAadhaar is electronic Aadhaar form, digitally signed by UIDAI, containing a QR code for offline verification along with the date of issue and date of download. Residents can easily download e-Aadhaar / masked e-Aadhaar from the official website of UIDAI using the registered mobile number. Masked e-Aadhaar shows only the last 4 digits of the Aadhaar number. E-Aadhaar is automatically generated with each Aadhaar registration or update and is free to download.

M-Aadhaar: M-Aadhaar is a digital form of Aadhaar that can be installed on a mobile device. The mAadhaar app is available on Google Play Store/iOS for download on the resident's mobile device. It has QR code for offline verification. Just like e-Aadhaar, mAadhaar is also generated automatically with each Aadhaar registration or update and can be downloaded free of cost.
Aadhaar PVC Card: Aadhaar PVC Card is the latest form of Aadhaar introduced by UIDAI. Other than being easy to carry and durable, the PVC-based Aadhaar Card has a digitally signed secure QR code with photograph and demographic details with multiple security features. It can be ordered online through or using Aadhaar number, Virtual ID or Enrolment ID and paying a nominal charge of Rs. 50/-. Aadhaar PVC Card is delivered to the resident’s address by speed post.

Can I choose to have and use any form of Aadhaar?

Yes. The residents can choose to have one or more forms of Aadhaar. The residents may also choose to use any form of Aadhaar as per their convenience. All forms of Aadhaar are equally valid as a proof of identity without giving any preference to one form of Aadhaar over the others.
What is “Order Aadhaar Card” service?

“Order Aadhaar Card” is a new service launched by UIDAI which facilitates the Aadhaar holder to get their Aadhaar details printed on PVC card by paying nominal charges. Residents who do not have registered mobile number can also order using Non-Registered /Alternate Mobile Number.
What are the security features of “Aadhaar PVC Card”?

This card contains security features like:

  • Secure QR Code
  • Hologram
  • Micro text
  • Ghost image
  • Issue Date & Print Date
  • Guilloche Pattern
  • Embossed Aadhaar Logo

What are the charges to be paid for “Aadhaar Card”?

Charges to be paid are Rs.50/- (Inclusive of GST & speed post charges).

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Signature Creator – Signature Maker for Android

  Signature Creator – Signature Maker for Android 

 Signature Creator – Signature Maker for Android

Signature Creator - Signature Maker is one of the best android apps to create easy signature and perfect signature. Signature Generator & Easy Signature Maker will surely make you happy as it will act as a signature creation wizard. This Fingertip Handwriting Signature app can be used to practice signing art on an electronic device instead of using old techniques on a paper pad and writing notes in books. There is no need of pen and ink to make a good signature. This signature generator allows you to play with your words as it is also a signature composer and autograph maker. The signer can choose an automatic or manual way to generate a glowing signature and an elegant signature.
 Features of Signature Creator - Signature Maker:

 # Multiple color pickers for text and background.

 # Support handwriting drawing signature.

 # Choose your favorite font signature style fonts.

 # You can also choose the custom image.

 # Choose pen size for manual signature.

 # Fancy and stylish signature maker fonts.

 # Best signature design and autographer.

 # Simple and Functional Signature creator.

 # You can save signature in your phone or SD card.

 # You can share your sign or image on each and every social media.

 Download Signature Creator Signature Maker

 Signature Generator app is very easy to use and perfect. You can adjust or set your signature by pinching, dragging, zooming and rotating it with the help of two fingers. There is no need for pen and ink to generate a cool and elegant signature. This Signature Generator allows you to create a signature from text as well as a signature using the paint tool. This signature generator is not indirect for any kind of legitimate use. The Signature Generator app will run on any Android mobile or tablet device to create stunning stylish signatures. This is the use of email signature and many users question how to sign this application solve it. This is signature app in picture of signature practice app for document signature app. This is a Signature Designer which is also a Signature Designer App as a Signature Designer App.

Download Signature Creator


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Thursday, June 9, 2022

Sticker For Whatsapp:Best Sticker app with more than 10000+ Stickers

 Sticker For Whatsapp:Best Sticker app with more than 10000+ Stickers

Sticker For Whatsapp:Best Sticker app with more than 10000+ Stickers

 Christmas Stickers, Merry Christmas Stickers, New Year 2020 Stickers, Happy New Year.
A collection of the best WhatsApp stickers with 10000+ stickers in 400+ different categories of sticker packs.

 With this app you can create your own personal stickers with background eraser inside the app. You can use WAStickerApps compatible stickers, personal text stickers, personal cartoon stickers and more. With in-app sticker editor.

There are stickers in different languages ​​like Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, English, Gujarati, Telugu / Tamil, Marathi, Kannada and we are adding different language stickers for WhatsApp every day.

How to use
  •  Download any sticker pack of your choice.
  •  Press the Add to WhatsApp button.
  •  After successfully adding the stickers to the WhatsApp, go to the WhatsApp and click the emoji icon below.
  •  There you will see 3 options below, click on the third option which is stickers, you will see all the stickers that you have added from our app.
  •  Now you can share these stickers with your friends and loved ones.
About this app
  • Animated Stickers for WhatsApp app with 12000+ stickers
  • Animated Stickers for WhatsApp Updated
  • Best Ever collection of WhatsApp Stickers With More Than 10000+ Stickers in 400+ different Categories stickers pack.
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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Instant Palm Reading, Astrology, Daily Horoscope & Vedic Kundli

Instant Palm Reading, Astrology, Daily Horoscope & Vedic Kundli

Instant Palm Reading, Astrology, Daily Horoscope & Vedic Kundli

Get an idea of what awaits you with AstroGuru, a unique palmistry, astrology and kundli fortune teller app that gives you free astrology (jyotish) predictions via palmistry, tarot, numerology, astrology, kundli and horoscope. We offer personalized daily horoscope prophecies and horoscopes for the whole week. With over 20 million installs, AstroGuru is the only astrology app that brings you the best of palm reading by scanning your palm. There is no better app for astrology, palmistry, horoscope, Kundli, tarot card reading than us.

Learn your fortune (bhavishya) based on your birthday (rashifal) and by scanning your palm (hastrekha). Astro Guru uses advanced image processing for calculations on all palm readings and palm scanners. Our astrology is rooted in the ancient Vedic methods of renowned Indian gurus.

Are the astrological stars aligned in my favor? Will my career skyrocket? Should I focus on my health? Will I have a happy married life? Install the app to know the answers to all your questions about future, fortune, career, relationships, marriage, numerology, kundli. The app provides daily horoscopes, kundli creation, dosha analysis, astrological remedies, kundli matching, numerology, and astrology consultation.


★ Horoscope & Astrology: Never go out unprepared with our comprehensive daily horoscope showing astrological predictions for zodiac signs. The app covers all horoscope zodiac signs (rashi): Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius Horoscope, Pisces Horoscope.

★ Palm Reading: Discover your destiny by knowing the interpretation of the 3 main lines of the heart, head and life in palmistry using our renowned palmistry scan. The heart line reading explains love, friendship, and marriage, and the palm reading focuses on career and wealth. The lifeline gives insight into health from hands-free scanning. Simply scan your palm and let it read your palmistry lines to reveal your personality, destiny, and fortune. AstroGuru is the best Palm Reader and Palmistry app on the Play Store.
★ Kundli: Kundli or Vedic Kundli Matching is generated according to the positions of the constellations based on the person's birthday, time and place. Kundli created based on Vedic astrology covering panchang, planetary positions, astrological charts, upgraha, special lagna, precious stones, main vimshottari dashas.

★ Tarot Card Reader - Get your tarot card reading on love, relationships, finances, health, etc. Simply choose your card and get tarot spreads as a guide. Read your Daily Tarot, Love Tarot, Health Tarot, Money Tarot and One Card Reading. ask for tomorrow today

★ Hidden qualities: Learn about your hidden qualities and personality traits based on your astrological stars (nakshatra). Understanding astrological strengths and weaknesses

★ Zodiac Compatibility: Are you confused if you and your potential partner will be a good match for marriage? Do you want to see how compatible you are with your spouse? Find out your partner's zodiac traits and see how well your zodiac signs get along.

★ Regional Horoscope - Fortune teller available in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Punjabi, Gujarati, Telugu and Marathi.

★ Consultations - Get astrology consultations from Indian astrologers and fortune tellers for questions about your destiny, love, kundli, fortune and married life

The science of astrology can help you understand the relationship that the couple's zodiac signs share. Check your love compatibility according to your zodiac signs. AstroGuru's horoscope offers advice to mitigate relationship difficulties.


Download the app play Store

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Monday, June 6, 2022

WFVS: Upload Full Whatsapp Video Status

 WFVS: Upload Full Whatsapp Video Status

WFVS: Upload Full Whatsapp Video Status

 This app offers you another fantastic function with this app you can set long video as Whatsapp status of your account. Your long video Stories cute in 30 seconds and Send all stories in your Whatsapp Status makes it more interesting.

You can set any Long video of your mobile as your long Whatsapp status by just one click. It is a specialty of this App. Now you don't need to find 30 seconds video. You can set your favorite song or whole video as your Whatsapp status.

How to Work Whatsapp Full Video Status:

Android Application Description of WFVS App.

  • Set Full Video Status
  • Click on the play button - You will see videos saved in your mobile.
  • Click on selected video, the video will play
  • Click on the share button.

- You will be able to share video on Whatsapp.

Status and most amazing the video will be automatically split in 30 seconds and Full Video will be set as your whatsapp status. Wow So Nice...

  • Status downloader
  •  You can Save whatsapp status set by your Whatsapp friends.
  •  You can also share it as your whatsapp status and Saver in Your Mobile. 
For your facility, the status of your friends have been decided in two Section.


  • From here you can see and Save videos of your friend’s Whatsapp status. You can also set it as your status.

(2) Image

  • From here you can see and save images set by your friends as whatsapp status. you can also share it.
  • Friends after lots of research and tireless efforts, This app has been made for you. So I hope you and your friends will use this app and make whatsapp more exciting.

Audio converter

  • See all list Video Status convert into MP3.
  • You can share, set as ringtone and delete.


  • See all Downloads video and image here.
  • You can share, set as a Whtasapp Status and delete it.

Now you can 3 Works in 1 Android application.

1) Set Full Video in Whatsapp Status.
2) Status Downloader / Status Saver 2018
3) Convert your favorite Video Status into MP3 and set it as a mobile ringtone.

Google Play Download WFVS

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Sunday, June 5, 2022

What if you forget your phone password? There are two ways to open the phone.

 What if you forget your phone password?  There are two ways to open the phone.  

 What if you forget your phone password?  There are two ways to open the phone. 

Some people keep a password to keep their phones private. So no one else can unlock this phone. Any details on your phone are kept confidential because of the password. However, some people forget thepassword. However, this is rare because we use the phone frequently and often enter passwords.

 If you forgot your password, try this method

 However, if for some reason you forgot your password, there are two ways to unlock it. There are several steps that can be followed if your mobile phone is connected to Gmail. Your phone will unlock and your data will also be saved.

Trick 1: Android Device Manager
  • First go to Android Device Manager. 
  • Sign in with your email ID as you would with Google Play on your phone. 
  • Then you will have three options.
  • From which you have to click on the lock option
  •  Now a new window will appear with four black squares. In the first two boxes, you have to enter the new password twice and leave the other two boxes and click on lock.
  • You can now unlock a new phone with a new password.

Trick 2: Factory reset
  • Another option is to perform a factory reset. By clicking on this option, you can trade even if you forgot your password.
  • First turn off Android Mobile
  •  Then enter the phone recovery mode from where the phone will restart.
  • Recovery mode is used to update the phone.
  • In this mode, recovery, boot and volume up are done by pressing three one-key mode buttons.
  • After that comes the option to click on Wipe Data or Factory Reset
  • Your phone will remain in the same condition as the new phone.


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Saturday, June 4, 2022

GSEB SSC/HSC Result 2022

 GSEB SSC/HSC Result 2022

 GSEB SSC Result 2022 Gujarat 10th Board Result Roll No wise Name wise & School wise GSEB SSC Result 2022 – Gujarat, Secondary Board will publish GSEB SSC result 2022 on official website. The Examination cell of GSEB will publish 10th Board Result in month of June 2022. In the year 2022, we are expected about 5 lakh students will appear in the Gujarat 10th board exam. Applicants can get 10th Board result Name wise and Roll Number wise. Students are suggested to keep safe their 10th Board Admits Card after completion of GSEB 10th Exam. After, 10th Board Exam officials of GSEB will do preparation for publish GSEB Board 10th Result 2022 on their official site. Dear Students don’t worry about it here we are providing the official links to Check & Download 
GSEB Board 10th Result 

  Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Gandhinagar (GSEB) HSC Result 2022 – Gujarat Board 12th Arts, Commerce Result Link

Exam Name: GSEB HSC 12th Exam 2022

 Official Website Click Here

Important Link

Check GSEB SSC Result – Click Here (Result Start 06/06/2022 08:00AM)

Check 12th HSC Result –
Click Here (Result Start 04/06/2022 08:00AM)

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Friday, June 3, 2022

Document List PDF File For Gujarat Government Scheme

Document List PDF File For Gujarat Government Scheme 

Gujarat Government Published a list of the evidence of beneficiaries giving benefits to various government schemes. Supporting evidence is necessary for government offices to take advantage of the certificates and various government schemes. The list below is given below.

Non- Creamy Layer Certificate Document List

  • Non- Creamy Layer Form And Photo
  • Ration Card   
  • Caste Certificate / Jatino Dakhlo
  • Income Certificate / Avakno Dakhlo
  • L.C
  • Income Affidavit 
Non- Creamy Layer Certificate Document List

 Caste Certificate Document List

    Caste Certificate Form And Photo
    Ration Card
    L.C. Of Father And Relative Anyone
    Light Bill

Caste Certificate Document List

 EBC Certificate Document List

    Income Certificate / Avakano Dakhlo Form And Photo
    Election Card
    Adhar Card
    Income Proof OF Talati
    EBC Affidavit / Sogandnamu
    Jamin Utara

EBC Certificate Document List

 Income Certificate / Avakano Dakhalo Document List

    Income Certificate / Avakano Dakhlo Form And Photo
    Election Card
    Adhar Card
    Income Proof OF Talati
    Income Affidavit / Sogandnamu

Income Certificate / Avakano Dakhalo Document List

 Domicile Certificate Document List

    Domicile Form And Photo
    Ration Card
    Living 10 Year Certificate Given By Talati
    Living Affidavit
    Last Light Bill
    Born Certificate
    Police Station Dakhlo

Domicile Certificate Document List

 New Ration Document List

    New Ration Card Form And Photo
    Election Card
    Nam Kami Dakhlo
    Adhar Card
    Bank Passbook
    Talati No Dakhlo

New Ration Document List

 New Name Add In Ration Document List

    Ration Card
    Name Add Document
    Children Born Certificate
    Name Kami Dakhlo


New Name Add In Ration Document List

 Marriage Certificate / Lagn Nu Pramanpatra- Document List

    Marriage Certificate / Lagn Nu PramanPatra Form
    Adhar Card ( Both )
    Election Card ( Both )
    Passport Photo
    Marriage Photo
    Lagn Ni Kankotri
    L.C ( If Have )
    Witness Proof ( Sakshi Nu Adhar Card )
    Maharaj Certificate 


Marriage Certificate / Lagn Nu Pramanpatra- Document List

 RTE Document List

    Adhar Card
    Ration Card
    Light Bill
    Bhada Karar
    Bank Passbook
    Avakno Dakhlo

RTE Document List

 Maa Card Document List

    Form And Photo
    Election Card
    Ration Card
    Adahar Card
    Avak No Dakhalo

Maa Card Document List

 Food License  Document List

    3 Photo
    Adhar Card
    Food Testing Report
    Karigar Medical Certi.
    FSSI Online Registration  

Food License  Document List

Gumasta Dhara Document List

    Vera Bill
    Vera Bill Ni Rasid
    Kharid Vechan Bill
    ID Proof
    Bhada karar
    Bhagidari Dastavej
    Rabar Stemp

Gumasta Dhara Document List

 Name Change / Surname Change Document List

    Ration Card
    Adhar Card
    Proof Of New Name
    Born Certificate
    Witness Proof
    Affidavit ( if )

Name Change / Surname Change Document List

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Useful Applications