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Monday, November 29, 2021

Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Gujarat 2021

 Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Gujarat 2021


Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Gujarat 2021

Gujarat Farmer Smartphone Scheme: Gujarat Government Declared Farmer Smartphone Scheme. The Gujarat government will give Rs. 15000 for smartphone to the farmer of Gujarat.

The scope of digital service in agriculture is increasing day by day. In the field of agriculture, following Douglas, farmers began to use information technology. Through the use of technology, new farms are increasing their income by adopting the latest technologies. Smartphones for information such as weather forecast, rain forecast, information on potential pest infestation, useful publications for farmers, latest agricultural methods, pest control techniques, information on assistance schemes from the department of agriculture and online application for assistance in agriculture department schemes. Being used.

The smartphone can easily be in the hands of the user, exchanging messages like photographs, e-mails, texts and multimedia. Numbers (1) and (2) read for the purpose of buying smart mobile phones with features like digital camera, multimedia player, GPS, touch screen, web browser, internet connectivity etc. and for the purpose that farmers of the state can use the technology through smartphones The proposal made by the Director of Agriculture in the above letters to assist the farmers of the state in purchasing smartphones was under consideration of the Government. Resolution :

It is therefore decided to give administrative sanction to spend Rs. 150000 lakhs (Rs. One thousand five hundred lakhs in the year 2021) as a new matter under the scheme of providing assistance on smartphones purchased by the farmers of the state at the end of adult consideration.

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Gujarat Assistance Matter of Farmer Smartphone Scheme:

Under the scheme of providing assistance on the smartphone purchased by the farmer, the farmer will be eligible for assistance up to Rs. 15000 / - for the purchase of a smartphone. In which the farmer will be entitled to 10% of the purchase price of the smartphone or Rs. 1500 / - whichever is less. E.g. Any farmer can earn Rs. If you buy a smartphone worth Rs. 500 / - or Rs. 1500 / - whichever is less i.e Rs. 500 / - is eligible for assistance and if any farmer pays Rs. If you buy a smartphone worth Rs. 15000 / -, you will get Rs. 1500 / - or Rs. 1500 / - whichever is less i.e Rs. 1500 / - is eligible for assistance. 

Yojna Roundup Here: Gujarat Farmer Smartphone Schematic Scheme for farmer It helps Rs. 15,000 / - each farmer Check to need Document and other subject

 Circular Here : Download

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General Terms and Dialects: Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Gujarat

(1) This scheme will be implemented in all districts of the State,

(2) Based on the number of beneficiaries of one lakh, the Director of Agriculture has set the target on a pro rata basis per district. It will be assigned. The control officer for this scheme will be the Director of Agriculture.

(2) The District Agriculture Officer will be the implementation officer for the component of this scheme,

(3) To take advantage of the benefits of this program, it is necessary to apply for it on the i-farmer portal. (2) The Taluka Implementation Officer will maintain a record containing the details of the Village Wise Component name, beneficiary name, account number, smartphone price, amount of assistance, year in which it is granted the benefit, etc.

(3) The amount of the aid of this plan will be credited directly to the beneficiary's account. As well as application application form, payment of aid and operation, etc. Certificate, etc. to the Director of Agriculture To be determined.

(2). Contact the Director of Agriculture in case of any problems related to the implementation of this scheme. It will.

(2) The grant for this scheme will be allocated by the Director of Agriculture to the Nodal Agency in question - Gujarat State Seed Corporation, Gandhinagar.

(2) The nodal agency for the payment of assistance will be Gujarat State Seed Corporation, Gandhinagar,

(10) The Nodal Agency in question will send the Subsidy Utilization Certificate (UTC) in the prescribed form to the Director of Agriculture, Gandhinagar on time. In addition to detailed accounts of expenses incurred, including subsidy and work related to the audit, should be performed. (11) The amount of aid to the ECS nodal agency concerned according to the prescribed payment method.

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Electronic settlement service / RTGS (Real time gross settlement) ell cronellon (12)

It must be credited to the account.

It will also request implementation. (12) Interpretation of technical matters if there is any doubt regarding the implementation of the scheme.

The final decision may be made by the Director of Agriculture in consultation with the Secretary of Agriculture.

(12). Application form and auxiliary forms for the implementation of this scheme in the i-farmer portal

To be determined by the Director of Agriculture. (12). The expenses incurred under this sanction are subject to the budgetary provision for that year and the money

It must be done within the limits of the grant that the department allocates from time to time.

(12) Without prejudice to the regulations in force for this work, the appropriate budgetary allocations will be made in the current financial year and the next. (13) The expenses in this regard are set by the State Government.

As well as in accordance with the provisions of the resolutions / circulars and rules applicable at all times in the prescribed manner. (13) The principles of financial equity will be applied with respect to the costs incurred in making this approval. (12) Grants awarded pursuant to this approval may not be used for any other purpose. Amount of savings per year

He will have to give up eventually.

(20) The weapons prescribed under the plan will be strictly adhered to. (21) This plan will be applied through the DBT system (direct benefit transfer).

The provisions must be met.

(4) For the benefit of the scheme, the GST No. of the agency selling the smartphone, as well as the amount of the GST paid, must be shown for the validity of the smartphone invoice.

(2) The basic support will be only for the purchase of the smartphone; Other accessories for the smartphone, such as battery backup device, earphone, charger, etc. may not be included. (2) Smartphone purchase invoice within the proposed timeframe after the scheme implementation date.

It will have to be submitted.

(2) Resolution of the Department of Industry and Mines on the processing of bids for the work presented. Done regarding electronic bidding on 31st 2009

Strict compliance with the instructions of the provisions,

(3) Pursuant to this approval, if an item is to be acquired, it will be done in accordance with the current Government rules and regulations.

(After 3 years, if any savings remain, they must be returned.

(2). The expenses of this provision will be made during the current financial year.

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