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Monday, October 25, 2021

Top 10 Short Video Maker App With Music Effect

 Top 10 Short Video Maker App With Music Effect

 Scroll down to be aware of 2021’s pinnacle 10 android video editors. Be it features, evaluations on playstore, price, execs & cons; we have the whole lot at your disposal.

1. Filmr

2. Quik

3. FilmoraGo

4. Kinemaster

5. Viva Video

6. WeVideo

7. Video Show

8. Magisto

9. InShot

10. Power Director

1. Filmr


Key Features : 

 There are no restrictions on the range of images / videos you can import

- Easy and distinctive transitions between videos

- Multiple fonts to make your textual content stand out

- Easily switch video structures: horizontal (16: 9 and 4: 5), vertical (4: 3), memories (9:16), and rectangular (1: 1)

- 20 million + royalty free track library

- Special filters and results to seriously change the video


- The exceptional factor about Filmer is that it has zero ads!

 - It has a vertical modifying timeline that makes it great for video enhancement, unlike different apps

- Rearrange videos, photos and audio dio clips with a simple drag-and-drop

  Lets you find any music or add song from your existing files with easy search

- Reverse, rotate and flip movies with one tap

- Get rid of watermarks without problems just by looking at the ad or going to the PRO

- Save to gallery or export to any social media app at once

- Set the duration of the transition to a specific second

- Shoot and edit movies directly using the app

- Customize the duration of the textual content on the video on the textual content bar


- There is no undo option in its Android version

- Limited range of filters

-Voice es-over cannot be reported without delay on the application

- Cannot select video decision before saving

- It no longer helps more than one language

Download From Play Store: Click Here

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2. Quik

 Quik Video Editor

Quick is a free video editor presented to you using GoPro. With this app, you can create notable movies in just a few taps. It regularly provides transitions and results and applies bit-synced issues to create amazing and shareable edits.

GoPro's Quik is a modifying application for humans who are editing movies with their GoPro camera. However, it does help increase points from any source. With Quick, you can add transition effects, titles, filters, song and extra to make your video more innovative and unique.

1080p or 720p and share it on social networking sites without delay. You add up to seventy images and video clips to the app which then analyzes them and pulls out a short video from them. It offers more than 12 points to work with.

Review: Quick has received a universal ranking of 4.4 / 5 based mainly on the opinions of 476,637 users.

Price: Free

Key Features:

- Add up to seventy photographs and video clips from your gallery, cloud storage or GoPro Plus

- Compatible with action pictures

-Unlimited back-up at one hundred percent quality

- GPS stickers to show GoPro video speed

-Ai-powered face, movements and sound detection for ideal frames. Open to guide updates

- 23+ subject matters for any occasion

- Record videos, trim or rotate, add text content overlays, trade video speed

- Videos in many dimensions - square, portrait or cinema

- Add 100+ free songs to history or your own

- HD 1080p export

- QuikStories - Works with the GoPro app and integrates great movies with media shots within seventy hours off.

- The PRO model regularly backs up your GoPro footage

Key Features of Quik Video Editor


- Can deal with movies taken from any digital camera or device

- Handles 4k video, which is a tremendous win over various apps

- Now the watermark does not go away

- Great for easy raising

- Quick's mural function lets you create your quirky photographs as separate events

- Auto edits the track to fit the video bit


- Keeps your venture on cloud storage for just a limited amount of time so you don't have to go back and edit it whenever you choose.

- Absence of undo selection makes it difficult to go back to the previous edit

- Unsatisfactory customer support. Problems and bugs remain unresolved even after various reviews using users.

- Automatic edits make it less on customization

Download From Play Store : Click Here

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3. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo video editor

Relatively effective video editor application, which will no longer limit the time to watermark or area on your clip. FilmoraGo gives you all the expert modified tools to maintain with ease of use. It helps you create respectable films with a wide range of results and presets. You can share your movies with your friends from the right platform on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp.

When you choose to travel a common thing, the Filmmora business is your partner. He is one of the fastest video creators of extraordinary and remarkably encouraging. Unlike various tools, it can only pay interest to let you create something new. With its amazingly modified functionality, you'll be in a position to put your creativity to the truth with ease. Overall, this device should not be left out when it comes to creating short videos for your business.

Review: FilmoraGo received a standard ranking of 4.6 / 5 based primarily on comments from 626,723 users.

Filters and results can be sold using in-app purchases ranging from $ 0.99 to $ 34.99 per item

Key Features:

- Import from social networking websites like Instagram and Facebook

- Extensive library of licensed songs

- Lip sync your videos

- Make films in quite a number of dimensions - square, cinema

- Reverse video, trim or rotate, add textual content overlay, play with speed

- Multiple fast or slow speeds in the same video

- Change title action and timeline, can add more than one title

- Supports many global languages ​​like German, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish etc.

Key Features - FilmoraGo Video Editor


- Easy to use and full of free features

- Commercially made, excellent videos

- Access to great preset templates in PRO version


- The abundance of presets, filters and results is no longer supported by how strong tutorials.

- Audio usually fades in the direction of leaving the video

- Horizontal timeline makes video enhancement cumbersome

Download From Play Store : Click Here

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 4. KineMaster

 KineMaster Video Editor


KineMaster is a full-featured videotape editor for Android. It has important tools that are easy to use. It has over 2500 downloadable transitions, goods, videos, images and transitions. The addition of EQ presets, docking and volume envelope tools makes audio on Kinemaster super immersive and important. The decoration subscription also offers unlimited exports in judgments up to 4K.

KineMaster is another accessible videotape editing software for Android mobile. It offers several layers of videos, images, textbooks, materials, overlays, stickers and handwriting attached to an instant exercise point to view the edit. It shows a specific volume control from moment to moment in the clip. KineMaster further offers color LUT pollutants, speed control, hue crucial compositing and 3D transitions.

 Review KineMaster has an overall rating of 4.4 / 5 based on drug reviews.


 Monthly charge after seven days free trial


Annual subscription

$ 3.47

Important features

-Plates, sources, stickers, transitions, clips and more to back up your videotape

. - Multiple layers of videotape, stickers, images, textbook etc.

. -It includes a keyframe vitality tool to add movement to the layers

-Voice over, voice changers, sound goods, background music

. - Produce beautiful goods with blending mode

- Share on YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, etc.

 Important Features - KineMaster Video Editor


- Includes green screen, audio editing, routing, volume control, hue key and more

. - Can add multiple audio and videotape layers which is best for advanced generators

- Can download coefficients like stickers, images, backgrounds etc. From his asset store

- Continuously streamlined YouTube channel for style-to-tutorials


- Hard to cut video and audio with a tightly fitted timeline

-Takes time accustomed

-Subscription does not reflect bias at certain times

-The app only works in vertical mode which can feel a little uncomfortable

- Extremely advanced for newcomers

- Leaves watermark in free interpretation

 Download From Play Store : Click Here

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 5. VivaVideo

VivaVideo Video Editor

VivaVideo comes with videotape editing features such as creating videos from Filmland with music, editing videos with transitions, combining videotape clips, adding music to videotape, and more. It has hundreds of special items / stickers / pollutants / animated clips to transform your videos. You can take video taps to your social media handles directly from the app.

ViVaVedio is a really popular editing application for vids. It is stylishly suited for short clips for social media. It has all the necessary functions like slice and paste video, transwing, inserting clips etc. It offers a wide variety of collage templates and themes to choose from, including a videotape collage maker to include videotape clips with more than 200 videotape contaminants.

However, VivaVideo has a free interpretation that comes with a watermark and a time limit for any given videotape, you can buy Pro Interpretation to pierce all the available features.

Review VivaVideo has an overall rating of 4.6 / 5 based on drug reviews.

Cost: Annual plan

Monthly personality class


Important features

-Professional music video tape maker with lyrics and accessories

-Make videos from filmland and songs fluently

- Lots of videotape editing stuff blurred background, reduces video, speeds up video, etc.

. - Combine multiple videotape clips to create a videotape

-Can cut, edit, assemble, bury while videotape

. - Import videos to your requested resolution such as 720p, 1080p, 4K, etc.

 Critical Features - Vivavideo Video Editor


-It has an inbuilt slow-stat videotape creator

-It works exceptionally well for short clips for social media

-Really easy to use for an amateur

. - Cut clips and place them anywhere you like


-Every new update causes problems in app performance

-Tends to delete a textbook or image or put it anywhere on videotape

. -Multiple problems when adding music to videotape

- Difficult to add and manage more than one audio / videotape train

-A large number of ads in free interpretation makes it fragile to focus

 Download From Play Store : Click Here

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6. WeVideo

 WeVideo Video Editor 

WeVideo for Android makes it easy, presto and fun to produce and share amazing videos. It has been featured in TechCrunch, CNET, ReelSEO, The Next Web, Wired and more. With VideoVideo's videotape editor app, you can capture memories wherever you are and convert them into breathing videos and take them to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

VVideo is a one-of-a-kind cooperative videotape editing app. It allows you to create, edit and publish vids. It offers really advanced features and functions including audio editing capabilities, a library of commercially certified music and the ability to take videos in 4K resolution. Still, only 10 GB of Pal Storehouse is available.

The free interpretation comes with all the basics which is more like a free trial than the actual free interpretation, if you want to make more than one videotape, you will need to upgrade to a decorative interpretation.

WeVideo Professional or Business Plan really has more advantages such as extensive music and theme libraries, professional-quality plates, no WeVideo watermarks, etc.

Review WeVideo has an overall rating of 4.0 / 5 based on drug reviews.


Business plan

$ 41.81 / month and $ 249.47 / time

Unlimited plans

$ 14.63 / month and $ 86.41 / time

Power plan

$ 9.06 / month and $ 53.66 / time

Mobile pass

$ 3.76 one time pass

Important features

- Produce stunning videos with exceptional videotape themes and videotape pollutants

-With name upgrade, you can release 4K Ultra High Definition Video Tape

. - Use obscure backgrounds to enhance your vertical video

-Add your own music for a custom soundtrack or use its monarchy-free library

- Publish and upload to YouTube, Drop Roop Pub Box X, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Critical Features-Video Editor


-Good for initial videotape editing conditions

- Easy to create slideshow with hardly any difficulty

- Good for fast social media sharing and compendium


- Really limited music, textbook resources and themes in the free account

- Requests authorization to pierce a product operation that looks like an intrusion

-You can't remove the watermark in free interpretation

- Tough to match the beat of music with videotape

-Video tapes cannot be taken directly on any social media

 Download From Play Store : Click Here

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7. VideoShow

 VideoShow Video Editor

Videoshows offers excellent videotape editing features. It is a simple and practical video tape editing app and movie scene maker for both art directors and newcomers. With the help of this videotape knife, you can reverse, blur, duplicate, edit, merge, trim, split, collage clips or videos.

Videoshows also allow you to add a formula to any videotape or change its audio. It lets you take any videotape on your device and apply various contaminants. The app has over 50 elaborate themes for inconsistent stunning music videotape / slideshow / blogs.

The video show has received an overall rating of 4.6 / 5 based on drug reviews.


Periodic subscription


One time purchase

$ 225.78

Important features

- Prepare cultural formulas with different sources and styles of textbook

- Reduce the size of the videotape directly in the application

- Easy and practical for professionals as well as newcomers

- Bones can shoot videos and edit them fluently through the app

-Being video can reward audio

- Portrait on videotape (only in personality interpretation)

Critical Features-Video Show Video Editor


-Great transitions and multiple music choices

- Can add numerous images to one videotape

- Supports collage of images on videotape

- Join multiple videos in a single clip

-Beautiful themes for raising weeds

- Can set specific time - Cut to change audio


- Problem when participating in videos directly on social media

- Lack of quality after exporting videotape

-Themes can only be used in square mode

Watermark in free interpretation

-2K advanced quality video cannot be edited in free interpretation

 Download From Play Store : Click Here

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 8. Magisto

Magisto Video Editor

Magistrates use sophisticated A.I. To find first-rate components of your recording. It makes great use of enhancement methods, including video stabilization, filter object detection, effects, and auto-cropping, making stunning movies better than a normal slideshow or collage.

Magisto Video Editor allows you to create / edit movies and turn them into compelling videos. It combines video clips, photos, music, text, video effects and video filters to help you create a great video without the need for a terrific effort using Artificial Intelligence (AI). All you have to do to use Majesto to edit movies is to observe the following steps:

Choose your fashion-enhancing video, that is, the kind of story you are telling,

Then select the pictures and video clips you want to include,

Finally, select your tunes from Majesty's built-in track library.

It has a direct option to share movies on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube and Twitter, as well as the best tools for vloggers and marketers.

Designed as your 24/7 private film editor, Magisto combines clips, photos, filters, music, text and results to help you tell your story. At once, Majesty will present you with a fairly automated personalized mourning film by changing pictures and video clips from your gallery.

Review: Majesty has received a general ranking of 4.1 / 5 based on an evaluation of 1,133,767 users.


Monthly subscription


Annual subscription

.4 18.43 annual payment, [$ 1.53 / month]

Key Features:

- Share your video content content on social networking structures with a single tap

- Choose split royalty-free tracks using style, temperament and class

- Add tunes from your device all at once

- Attach clips, photos, stickers, music, texts, filters, etc. to create great videos

- Turn each video into a story with the app's clever AI

Key Features - Magisto Video Editor


- This app is first-rate for beginners in addition to many trips in video editing

- It's semi-automatic - all you have to do is select your videos / photos and let Majesto's AI information for the rest of you

- Has a neat and simple interface

-Can quickly create two movies with a customizable pre-made template

- They have a feed where you can watch movies posted by different users


- The guide doesn't have tons of space for video editing

- They have a support core although contacting their support group via email / phone is not easy

- AI does most of the work, it is not worth choosing unique or minute-timed transitions

- Too many regular evaluation pop-ups 

 Download From Play Store : Click Here

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 9. InShot

 InShot Video editor

Inshot is an effective display screen video editor & amp; Filmmaker with trim-like dots & amp; Add video / movie minimization, music, text, stickers and glitch effects, blur backgrounds and no crop. It offers easy but effective video enhancement features, resulting in testing your innovative skills.

It encourages you to create brilliant movies with ease for Tiktok, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter etc.

Review: Inshot has won a typical ranking of 4.8 / 5 based on the opinions of 11,994,317 users.


After a 7-day free trial

$ 9.06 / year and seventy cents / month

Monthly subscription


One time purchase


Key Features:

- Video splitter, video trimmer and video cutter

- Merge and be part of clips from two exclusive videos

- Powerful experienced video editor for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok,, etc.

- Special filters and loads of colorful backgrounds

- Supports more than one format / ratio

- Adjust tune volume with fade-in and fade-out feature

Key Features - Inshot Video Editor


-Easy to use and first-rate useful for beginners

- Multiple choices for text, music, stickers, results and much more

- You can resize movies and posts according to your needs

- Can add special transitions after each new picture or video clip

- Can make special color correction for movies and photos


- There is no undo option to go back to your previous edit version

- Ads may be inconvenient for some users

- Trimming audio clips is rarely challenging. Every music starts with the first beat and can be difficult for first time users. 

 Download From Play Store : Click Here

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 10. PowerDirector

Power Director Video Editor

PowerDirector is featured on Google Play as the Editors' Choice app. It lets you create movies in 4K quality, edit movies with multi-timeline features and share them on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. You can add music, transitions, movement titles, effects, emojis, filters and more to decorate your video.

CyberLink's PowerDirector is a fully featured video enhancer app for Android. It allows you to export your movies in 4K with hardware support with the Slow-Mo feature to enhance Slow-Mo video FX. So if you are looking for a first-rate video editor for creating slow-mo videos, Power Director is the one for you. Its chroma key selectors are used to add transparency to movies and add layer effects. It also offers elements like collage maker and sluggish movement support.

You can take advantage of most aspects of PowerDirector for free in the Android app. However, for the best optimal enhancement features, it needs Cyberlink's paid merchandise starting at $ 99.

Review: PowerDirector has got a general ranking of 4.5 / 5 mainly based on comments from 157,8358 users.


Quarterly subscription

$ 3.72 / year

Monthly subscription

$ 5.57 / year

Annual subscription

$ 39.72 / year

Key Features:

- Export movies with resolutions up to 4K

- Video stabilizer to restore unstable footage

- Chroma key for inexperienced display screen background editing

- Add error and transition results to make the video look futuristic

- Overlay clips to generate double propagation effects

-Multiple mixing modes and multi-timeline interface

Key Features - Power Director Video Editor


- Add two layers and customize / edit each separately

- Easy switching between laptop and telephone with its integration with CyberLink

- Royalty-free inventory library

- Download videos / images from Google Drive without delay

- Pre-made templates help develop movies faster

- It has enough tutorials on how to check about each feature


- Too many ads and meaningless notifications

- Archives take too long to load

- Limited to horizontal enhancement interface 

 Download From Play Store : Click Here

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