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Monday, October 4, 2021

Top 10 screen lock app for android in India

Top 10 screen lock app for android in India

Often, locking the screen is enough of a hassle. But it’s not as tough to pull off when you’re using an app which can instantly save you from accessing your lock screen. Here are some top 10 screen lock app for android that comes with a variety of options and features.

1. Face Unlock

The android screen lock app offers face unlocking which is similar to a fingerprint security. However, face unlock is available on a group of different varieties. Samsung restricts users from accessing their screen lock from their face but that might change soon. This means you don’t have to worry about unlocking your screen anymore by placing your hand over your phone. You have multiple privacy options for the face unlock, including adult mode or even when to show your face. But it can be done manually too. Face Unlock also allows you to set up the distance between the person who locks the screen and the person who sees the screen.

2. Under Display Peel

This feature allows you to manage the screen access by assigning a unique number to the screen on the set top of the power button. You can do this by setting up a specific power phase number. The power mode will give you the security that you need with screen lock. To enable this, head over to your settings menu, tap on personal account, log in to the app that you are taking care of and tap on settings. You are offered the chance to pick one of the different models that are available in the app by using the toggle icon near your power button. The same should be done for the phone power pad so that you can access your screen easily. You also can go ahead and go for the password and finger security. If you receive a passcode, you are able to use the same if you want to access your screen from anywhere you have stored the location or the passcode.

3. Displays Lock

This screen lock app has a whole lot of options that makes it a preferred one for all types of screen lock. It comes with options for the multi-display screen unlock, standby feature, two-display screen unlock and dual screen lock option which provides you with three different screen lock options. On the second screen of the dual screen application, the input field is mapped to your input field. Therefore, your input sheet is input quickly. You can also configure the screen lock option for snap mode and kill and report button by simply clicking on the controller’s control pad or by choosing “auto tap” option from the main screen lock menu.

4. Lock Live Lock

Lock Live Lock enables you to have your lock screen connected directly with the owner of the device, which means the lock screen can be locked whenever you want. You can install the app on your home Android device and select which home smartphone. Once you have selected it, you can find it under lock screen on your main screen. On the screen lock option, you will be able to check your screen with the picture preview of your smartphone. This will also allow you to check your digital notes on the screen with fun or informative content. Lock Live Lock can also be used for adult mode settings so that you can make sure that you don’t lose the screen if you’re using one of those fingerprint unlock options. The lock live feature has been an added feature on newer smartphones that have not required a manual manual user in to use the feature.

5. Split Screen Peel

This screen lock app provides you with the ability to split your screen to the best of your interest. Since Android allows you to switch between phone and tablet mode automatically, if you are on your main screen, you’ll need to click on the button that allows you to use the screen lock option. The split screen slide feature gives you a balanced screen with a tab to share a pictures from your phone, sending Facebook Messenger messages and making texts that are not visible on the main screen. This is an intuitive screen lock that will save you from having to unlock your phone continuously and offers a more user-friendly experience.

6. Bedside Screen Lock

A screen lock that will allow you to save your emergency dial number is the Bedside Screen Lock feature. This feature lets you save your emergency dial number if your phone is stored on a device that is securely in your private closet. It lets you secure your smart home, safe storage of information, account information, checking of the smartphone app and music recordings from your phone. The feature is claimed to be foolproof as the app uses Microsoft HIDDEN-SHAKEN technology, which means you can place the phone safely in the safe while still accessing the rest of your applications.

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