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Monday, October 4, 2021

All Bank toll free Number For Check Bank Balance and Mini Statement

All Bank toll free Number For Check Bank Balance and Mini Statement

We were getting good monitoring and testing a piece of code, before I ordered a card. As at that point I have no idea how many transactions in the last two weeks or what amount I have to place to get the right balance data.

That's when I was browsing through the forms which require full details like name, password, name of your representative, whose agent he is etc.

Looking out for any impeding questions, checking date of bank, bank details, transaction details etc.

As I saw a lot of similar forms and completed them well, I almost entered my information successfully!

And then, I saw a strange announcement, which I went to rewind to check and confirm the details. As I saw some information in the form, I was supposed to provide, and given only one press of button as I knew it will be taken right away.

I tried to click that button and then the sign went off saying My banks balance has not been updated. I found it off the menu on the left side of screen, and I instantly knew that something was not right.

I was questioned on my banker still functioning, and make sure I entered all details I got. I also tried to rewind the video and that's when I thought it was glitch, you also hear some annoying sounds.

I did not see any other similar pattern at all in all these, except a most curious update about the cost of number, that brings back mixed feelings. I understood and copied and pasted all details again, as there was nothing more that I can do.

I brought it to my supervisor as, she was also puzzled and added my matter to her input sheet where it will be intimated to my next team manager.

Another supervisor waiting with me, asked me, who would give update about bank balance in our dashboard, as, there was no other way.

As I could not solve the issue, at that point, she added it on her table and then some things became more significant.

My supervisor also took my bank balance as a business card as a payment card from the bank to my client.

I wasn't sure of what I was supposed to clear and settle in the next 28 days or however, time goes by very fast. I didn't know what the bank required from me.

I needed to shift my bank balance out of my bank balance account, so I wasn't required to check my account statements monthly, monthly. I didn't know that transactions and balance of ATM chip were taken from my bank statement, as it is something that were done automatically from next one year.

I found myself reading large pages of financial statement. Then later it became more confusing, as I realised that this became my first, and probably worst accounting paper for me.

After months of consuming financial statements which was filled with more manipulations in terms of balance and fee and charges, I realised that I was required to enter all forms a million times.

My doubts increased, as I sensed a loss in knowledge of what the banking industry really is.

Well, that is not the new news to you. I was not aware of any veracity of finance industry.

I have just come into it, which means to learn and get more experiences related to the industry I am familiar with.

I read many finance related books and watched many content related to it, but that didn't help me to get familiar with the process in front of me.

That brought me right back to where I started as I had to rewind and repeat several times to know what the process was.

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