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Saturday, October 9, 2021

All about the Aadhaar card update process

 All about the Aadhaar card update process

All about the Aadhaar card update process

There are multiple download links to these form-switchers available online. Before you can download any “Aadhaar Data Update/Correction Form”, you must first download the completed Aadhaar data with passwords to get your Aadhaar details successfully updated.

When you have downloaded the full Aadhaar data with their passwords, verify the submission of the fillable application by visiting the page of registration status on the website of Aadhaar.

For this, you must first sign in to the central portal “Aadhaar” using the information provided in the form-transfer/update application.

Make a copy of the submit application.

Pass the passed the copy to UIDAI on this side of the portal

Wait for the following three steps to be completed:

Step 1: Verify the latest applicant-information.

Step 2: Complete the accept/stop submission process.

Step 3: Submit the completed form

After the successful submission of the updated application, the UIDAI portal will provide you a confirmation about the successful uploading of Aadhaar data.

Step 4: Type signature data

Step 5: Asks for verification details.

You will then need to register your Aadhaar details in the fingerprint and photograph records.

Click on accept(or stop) email_send_command to get this email from UIDAI about the successful submission.

You will receive an email back with credentials details for inputting your data.

Details of due dates and login details are also provided.

When you enter information, you will see a QR code image on the screen. Scan the image with your smart-card device or directly by clicking on the “scan QR code” icon on the site and pressing the print button.

Your online Aadhaar data will be reflected within the same instant as if the work had been completed and submitted, which is why this process is faster than physically go to the system and fill a form from there.

Click on Confirm your Deliver Method at the top of the site to confirm that your order went through seamlessly.

Note that you cannot choose Subtotal Password.

Click on Reduce Confusion button to reduce confusion.

If you fail to click on the Confirm your Deliver Method, your order will not be confirmed.

તમારા નામની રીંગટોનબનાવો માત્ર 10 સેકન્ડમાં

Method type detection and clarity

To ensure that your online order is authentic and that your information and details were correct, the online government portal of UIDAI asks for a confirmation that you added details below to the application submitted.

* True - Testifies that you added details correct

* False - Testifies that you added details incorrect

Post Type of Mobile Phone(s)

* SMS email number (optional)

* iPhone / iPad

* Android

* Blackberry

* Windows

After providing all details (as per below), a message will appear with the confirmation/accept/stop receipt (after a click on the Reply button).

પાન કાર્ડ માટે અપ્લાય કરો તમારા ફોન થી જાણો કેવી રીતે

It is worth mentioning that you are asked to enter the brand of Aadhaar through your user-profile id (if you have one) if you are using a mobile service provider.

You must enter a confirmation reference such as:

If you fill wrong details or add false information, the resulting order will not be sent or a message will show up on your screen.

You may follow the below-mentioned steps to get your online order confirmed successfully.

Step 1: Before submitting online, you must register your Aadhaar details in the database on the central portal.

Step 2: Log into the website by using your valid id on the portal.

Step 3: Once on the portal, select the verification option and click on the “Find email” option.

Step 4: You will see your email address reflected on the screen. Enter it in the field below the confirmation with a reminder that you have registered the details accurately.

Step 5: Once you have submitted and verified the details in this step, the email id of the person you sent the request on will be displayed.

Step 6:
Once you enter verification details in the Email Id field, you will see the email id of UIDAI.

The next point in the process is to provide clear details for a correct scan of the QR code.

These details will help you to extract correct process for completing and submitting your online Aadhaar data manually.

Once you scan the QR code successfully, you will also receive confirmation email for the successful uploading of your form.


You can calculate your refund/accidental payment by entering the reverse book-entry for the picture on the site that you marked in the Uploading process

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