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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Talati Recruitment for 4200 Posts 2021

 What is Talati ?

A village accountant, or patwari, is an administrative government position in rural areas of the Indian subcontinent. Introduced during the early 16th century, it was maintained by the British Raj. The accountant primarily keeps agricultural records.

The patwar system, introduced to the Indian subcontinent during the rule of Sher Shah Suri, was further enhanced by the emperor Akbar. The British colonists made minor amendments, but maintained the system. Known as lekhpal in Uttar Pradesh, the word is derived from the Sanskrit root tal (to accomplish a vow, to establish or to fix) and has the same meaning in Marathi. It denotes the office of the talati in rural Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka. 

The office and its holder are known as Talatis, and holders of the office have adopted it as their family name. The duties of a talati include maintaining village crop and land records and collecting taxes and irrigation dues.The talati replaced the kulkarni in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

The duties of a talati are performed under a different title in other Indian states; a talati is known as a patwari in Telangana. Originally a land-holding clerk, the talati is now a paid, government-appointed official. A patil (patel in Gujarat) is an outsider who assists the talati in collecting revenue.

It has been alleged that records maintained by the talati do not reflect actual positions, because the talati did not take into account the tribal custom of using the name of the adult male family member for land possession.

Among the administration, the talati has the closest connection with the villagers. Generally in charge of a group of villages known as a saza, they are required to reside in the saza unless authorised by the Collector; however, most talatis were found to be in violation of the rule. Part of the Brahmin caste in most cases, the talati is generally considered a representative of the government.

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