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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Lockdown / See in Gujarat where spontaneous lockdown is announced

Gujarat is witnessing spontaneous lockdown amid increasing cases of Corona virus.

  •  Lockdown in various cities in Gujarat
  •  Traders are doing lockdown by meeting with Napa
  • Weekend in some and weekend lockdown in others

Lockdown / See in Gujarat where spontaneous lockdown is announced


Lockdown in Talala city

A lockdown has also been declared in the city of Talala by the NPA and the Chambers of Commerce. A lockdown will be held in Talala till April 18 in which the vegetable and medical store will be open from 8 am to 1 pm. The milk dairy will only be open for two hours from 7 to 9 p.m. It has been decided to close all other businesses completely.

There will be a weekend lockdown in Bhachau, Kutch

In Bhachau, Kutch, Napa, traders, leaders held a meeting on the situation of Corona virus in which it has been decided to lock down the weekend. Weekend lockdown will be imposed for 3 days in Bhachau.

Lockdown in Upstate from April 15 to 18

Traders are preparing for a lockdown from April 15 to 18 as corolla cases increase in Upstate. The municipality and the chambers of commerce have decided to hold a lockdown from Thursday to Sunday to break the chain of the corona virus. Apart from this, it has also been decided that the shops will remain open only from 6 am to 2 pm till April 30.

All businesses, big and small, closed down in Vijayanagar

It has been decided to hold a three-day spontaneous lockdown in Vijayanagar of Sabarkantha from today. For the next three days, all small and large businesses in the city will be closed.

A 7-day voluntary lockdown was announced

A seven-day voluntary lockdown has been declared in Daramli village of Idar in Sabarkantha following the Koro epidemic. Suggested special directions for voluntary lockdowns for other villages. The village disease welfare committee had called a meeting in Daramli of Sabarkantha where 15 cases of corona were positive at the same time. In which it was proposed to apply for voluntary lock down for all the people of the village including about 300 shops for the whole village. The traders and locals, including the village leaders, accepted the offer and immediately implemented the lockdown. In the village where markets including shops will be open from 8 am to 12 noon, more than 300 shops will be closed even though the highway passes through the village and provision has been made to keep mask sanitizer and social distance for all to prevent further spread of corona in the village.

BJP leader Kanabare demands lockdown

The second wave of corona across the country is proving to be dangerous. As the number of cases is increasing day by day, there is a demand for re-imposition of lockdown in the state. BJP leader Bharat Kanabar himself has demanded at least a 14-day lockdown in the state. Bharat Kanabare says that the second wave of people across the country is proving to be dangerous. The situation in the state is such that even the medical needs to be given some rest. If the government does not take an immediate decision, Gujarat cannot be prevented from becoming Maharashtra.

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