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Thursday, March 4, 2021


Std 1 to 12 Home Learning Video Date 5-3-21

Hello student friends. Teachers as well as parents are told that schools are currently closed due to the Corona epidemic. All of you are educating your children online. You will need to study at home. Your child will not have to study any day.  It is very important to plan monthly for all the months of September. This course will also be useful to you for free through online education of your children sitting at home. The only purpose of doing this online education is to study whatever your children study according to this lockdown.  All government primary school teachers in Gujarat are committed to fulfilling the government's resolve to sit down and are ready to educate your children

 You all know that your child's education is deteriorating due to the Corona epidemic right now but we are very keen to educate your child and we resolve not to let your children's education deteriorate as we are government primary school teachers for you.  We are always present. All the videos prepared by us. All the primary schools of Gujarat, whether it is a government or a private or a trust run school, we give Bindas to the people to watch. Our opinion is simply that children should study online at home.  The only thing that matters to me is that it is done nicely

Kids here you will find a treasure trove of fun education on this blog. Speaking of this treasure first online education you will find here all kinds of daily updated all subject standard wise then kids this video and this great fun to see your daily process of online education  Bookmark the blog

 We kindly request the teacher friends as well as the parents to pass on the information published daily on this blog to your children so that your child can take the whole knowledge very easily through youtube as well as through the bottle of DD Girnar's TV channel and through the portal of Diksha app.  So, friends, you can share this knowledge with your children and with all the children studying in your primary, secondary and higher secondary every day. The purpose of making this video is to make the Gujarat government aware that  We are all aware of the fact that the transition is likely to spread as school continues

 Needless to say, because you all know the extent to which the corona virus epidemic is spreading, there is no possibility of schools being reopened right now.  It is a matter of pride because the Government of India and the Government of Gujarat together are doing a very good job in the interest of the people of our country.  New videos are being presented every day in a very beautiful way through the application of the Government of Gujarat and the Government of India so that one can study sitting.

 Kids, you too will love this video because this video is made in a very simple language. The Government of Gujarat Government Primary School teachers have worked very hard to make this video. So a polite request to all behind this video or great fun.  You can comment on it so that the morale of the video maker increases a lot and so you can study at home too.

 Not to mention more but I request you all to keep visiting this blog every day and you will be able to watch all the home wedding videos for free.

GCERT strives for the educational development of the children not to spoil the education of the children at a time when schools are currently closed. They show videos of every standard through DD Girnar channel through the studio so that the child can study regularly even at home so that the child's study is not interrupted. Therefore, the Home Learning program is announced in advance so that the child can pay enough attention to his studies and no one misses out on five. ERT Gandhinagar has launched a PDF file of various activities under the title One Step Ahead for the Psychological Development of Children. It has to answer different questions and the students have to decide whether these questions are used in their daily life or not. The same information has to be completed and submitted

 What are the benefits of taking the solution one step further?

One step further the book can be stored in their mobile as it is in PDF format and below it is a feedback form just below the PDF in which the teachers and students report what is missing in the PDF which is one step ahead. Can

 One step further the solution of the magazine prepares the child for the next standard because the higher the level the more the children like it.

 Counting the magazine one step further develops the psychological power in children i.e. they become more thought provoking person.

This PDF is placed on the GCERT website every Friday which the students have to download or the teachers have to download and send it to the students of each school through social media.

 Once this PDF is found on Friday, then solve it and then on the following Thursday, when the student does not take another step one step further on Friday, the first thing to do is to give feedback in the last issue. You can officially tell the GCERT department all the things that need to be improved so that this is a new application that is new to them too.

When the children do not know something, they call the teachers for guidance and try to learn so that the PDF will be very useful one step ahead at the time when it is not going on at present as calling the teacher will also solve the question and At the same time, discussions can be held with the teacher who is not familiar with the curriculum

DATE 6 MARCH નીચે વીડિયો આપેલ છે.

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There can be evil in life, but life can never be bad.  Life is an opportunity to become superior, to excel, to achieve superior.  The rarity of life, no one can misuse life on the day someone will understand it.
  Life is a flower in which there are many thorns, but there is also no lack of beauty.  This is another thing, some people keep cursing thorns and some enjoy beauty.

  Life is called bad only by those who keep their eye on thorns instead of flowers.  Life is despised by those for whom it is worthless.

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