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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Big decision taken on Holi celebrations in the state, Nitin Patel's announcement

 Gandhinagar: Celebrations of Holi have been banned amid a spike in cases of corona virus across the state. On Sunday, state Deputy CM Nitin Patel said that the state could be lit for the Holi puja but not for public or big or small color festivals. The celebration of Dhuleti has also been banned in the state. Corona has raised a number of restrictions over the past several days.

 Disclosing this, Nitin Patel said, "Religiously, a limited number of people can gather for Holi burning, but no concessions have been given for playing Holi." Under normal circumstances, monitoring will be done and action will be taken as required. But I hope and believe that all the citizens of Gujarat, young men and women, brothers and sisters are aware. They will follow public guidelines by the state government to prevent the spread of corona infection. They will not celebrate Holi and will not even gather for the festival. '

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Corona cases are once again rising in the country. On Holi, Corona has given tension to the states. Strict action is being taken against those who do not wear masks in Delhi. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is also holding an emergency meeting on this matter today. People living in cities are returning to their hometown on the occasion of Holi. In such a situation, the risk of corona infection in Holi has increased. Health experts say that if caution is not taken on Holi, it can prove to be a super spreader. According to experts, it is not right for people to participate in social gatherings or community meetings on the occasion of Holi. Some states including Maharashtra, Bihar have taken special steps in view of Holi.

Nearly 80 percent cases from 5 states including Maharashtra
On Thursday, 35,871 new cases of Kovid-19 were reported in the country, which is the highest number of infections in one day in more than 100 days. The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare says that 79.54% of new cases of corona virus are from Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. According to reports, a sharp increase in corona cases has been reported in 70 districts of the country.

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