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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Among the big hints of recruitment, 45 per cent of the jobs were provided through fixed salaries and outsourcing

 Among the big hints of recruitment, 45 per cent of the jobs were provided through fixed salaries and outsourcing

Government jobs have become mere dreams, recruitments come out, exams are taken but not appointments. When hiring appointments from a fixed salary.

AHMEDABAD: Unemployment is on the rise due to the Gujarat government's recruitment policy, Danilimda MLA Shailesh Parmar said today while addressing the demands of the Labor and Employment Department in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly. The Gujarat government has recruited 45 per cent posts i.e. 1,64,505 posts through outsourcing, fixed salary and contract system alone. About 40 per cent of the vacancies in the Labor and Employment Department are filled by outsourcing, contracting, and fixed salaries.

The government has also not given appointments to those who have applied for the job and passed the examination on the basis of the recommendation made by the Gujarat Public Service Commission. As per the recommendation made for 417 posts in three years, recruitment has not been done in the departments of Education, Energy, Forest-Environment, Social Justice, Health, Labor-Employment, General Administration, Urban Development, Women-Child Development. He said that Vibrant Gujarat gatherings take place. Recruitment fairs are held. The names of the people are registered in the employment office. Under these circumstances, the employment rate should increase in 2018 as compared to 1990. But employment has declined.

Government statistics and surveys show Gujarat as an employing state. Against this, it seems that only promises have been made in the name of employment in Vibrant Gujarat. The Gujarat government talks about the recruitment calendar, but in reality it does not talk about how it wants to recruit.

80193 people were employed in the two decades from 1975 to 1995, while 72,927 people were employed in the seven years from 2013-14 to 2019-20. In the three year period of 2018-20, 22,65,1444 applications have been received for 4423 vacancies, which shows that unemployment is very high in the state.

In five years, the government recruited people or 14.043

According to reports, the Gujarat Public Service Commission for the year 2015-16 201920na throat has just hired 14.043 people. It includes S.C. Candidate 1029, Tribal 2117, Non-Reserved 1882, and OBC 5822 people. 685 have been taken from fixed salary-outsourcing or contract against the establishment of 1630 in the institutions receiving grant from the Department of Labor and Employment.

Thus in the Department of Labor and Employment only 40 per cent recruitment is done by contract. Accusing the government of not providing new jobs and reducing the establishment, he said that the establishment of district panchayats was 2,46,396 in 2013 but it has come down to 2,20,046 in 2017. Thus, in five years, the establishment has declined by 26,350. It is necessary to clarify how the government recruited 23,888 against the decline in establishment.

 It is the responsibility of the government to ensure that everyone gets employment.

Unemployment has increased frustration among young people and they have resorted to suicide. So the government needs to take action by worrying about them. The government tells the youth to turn to self-employment, but the banks do not even listen to them for self-employment. The government should also stop exploiting the youth by giving them fixed salary jobs.

It has come out that crores of rupees have been scammed in outsourcing. The government should take stern action against outsourcing agencies to curb malpractices and corruption. The Labor Yogi Welfare Board has Rs. Despite having a fund of Rs 3,000 crore, the government does not seem to be doing anything for their children. If the government cannot provide employment to the youth, they should be given unemployment benefits.

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